Develop A High Performance Culture

High Performance Systems

Entrepreneuralism is a contact sport. Just like athletes, the most successful founders are those with the right support: great coaches, trainers, motivators and doctors. 

The Australia entrepreneurial landscape is very good at supporting 'juniors' through pre-accelerators, accelerators & incubators...but usually fails to take 'seniors' businesses from amateur to elite. 

We blend IQ with EQ to help businesses bridge the gap to the pros, providing motivation, coaching, competitor analysis, signing the right support and perscribing the right remedy when you break down. 

Moreso we are your team mates, playing along side you to deliver the wins.

High Performance Systems

Work On & In Your Business

The Inspike team are experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in startups through to multi-billion dollar businesses. We work as part of your team, supporting your ideation, decision making, planning and execution.  

Our experience has led us to work with thousands of businesses across a vast array of industries. We've built and supported businesses which have failed and which have succeeded. We've got the knocks, and learned the lessons.

We know how hard it is to be a founder, to be expected to know what you are doing every step of the way. It doesn't need to, and shouldn't, all rest on your shoulders. We share the load, assist you in charting the course, help you navigate risks, and ultimately leave you with a sustainable growth business or strategic, lucrative exit.

Work On & In Your Business

Inspike Model

Entrepreneurialism is all about meeting market needs and solving problems. There's no one size fits all for our ventures, as our customers are in different positions with different needs.

We are flexible to deliver just fee for service - we have done so a number of times for businesses needing an improved pitch deck and a full IM. Likewise we help negotiating & brokering deals with you, or as a silent advisor.

Likewise we can play a longer term role helping you run every facet of the business. In addition to retainers, we are open to investing in the success through sweat, revenue share, delivering capital...whatever the structure where all parties win.

Inspike Model

Show Us Your Venture!

We'd love to hear what you are up to, and discuss how we can help.

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