Welcome to Inspike

Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to Inspike, your pathway to transformative business growth. We are a collective of hands on business strategists who unlock pathways to significant revenue and implement processes to accellerate this long term. 

The Insight Difference

The Inspike difference is that we are highly experienced generalist consultants focussed on improving your broad business operations for sustained strategic growth, not just tactical initiatives which require constant fire stoking. We understand what makes brands grow, and the behaviours and habits of highly successful businesses.

Our only agenda is your success. Our approach is to extract what you do know and don't know about how your business is running, how you are performing against competitors and the market, and where your best opportunities lie. We then help you develop your strategic plan, put in the structures to implement it and fully embed it into your business DNA for lasting impact.

We are here to provide support to business founders and leaders to make smart, evidence backed decisions. Working together, we are the unfair competitive advantage which will improve your performance and reduce your anxiety.

We all know running businesses is hard. Let’s work together to make sure it is also highly rewarding.

The Insight Approach


It starts with understanding you and your goals. No two businesses or business leaders are the same, so this is about establishing an operating rhythm which will enable you to do the things you love doing and star at, whilst lifting the weight of the things you struggle with. At this point we develop a scope for the partnership, which will usually start with the discovery engagement, unless there’s a specific project, in which case it will involve a feasibility study followed by a statement of work.


We take your proprietary data points, 3rd party data and market data to assess performance and identify diagnostic issues holding you back from peak performance. We will assess your data quality, systems suitability, benchmark performance against the market and competitors and trend performance to deliver accurate forecasts. No need to be embarrassed, no one’s data is in perfect shape - what we are looking for are any critical issues which can be remedied for quick wins while we build out the sustained growth pathway. This is also where we establish what a baseline ‘do nothing’ line sits so we can measure performance against it.


Now that the baseline position is established, and we’ve cleaned up the performance blockages, we develop a strategic plan with a hybrid agile/waterfall approach managed through your preferred task management system or the Inspike Monday system. As an implementing consultancy we operate transparently as a part of your team and with 3rd party providers where required. We cost the strategy so you are aware of required investment and where the ROI from that investment hits profit and accelerates. We’ve learned that the most common barrier to transformative growth is not mastering scale to the point of diminishing return - in essence decelerating your growth. It’s our job to push you, creating profit centres with top notch ROAS (return on advertising spend) and MER (marketing efficiency ratio).


Our methodology is to set your business up with all of the tools to generate sustainable growth and ensure you know how to use them. That said, we don’t subscribe to the ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy exclusively - there’s plenty of functions best automated or outsourced. We also ensure that Inspike’s ongoing involvement in your business is right-sized for your needs. Our consultants have customers they have helped for years, including launching subsequent businesses - it’s our job to know your business as well (and ideally better) as you do.